New Year’s is just another day with a sunrise and sunset.

The way we think about New Year’s is what makes it different.

New Year’s is a finish and starting line all at once. You reflect on life, release disappointments, and embrace aspirations.

New Year’s isn’t effective because it’s only once a year.

Remarkable success requires starting again, again.

Uncluttered leadership:

Practice New Year’s everyday.

Establish a structured time to process your day, everyday. The operative word is “structured.” Don’t just randomly mull over things.

Establish a system that allows you to cross a line – everyday – where you reflect, let go, and start again.

Unexamined life collects clutter. Baggage expands. Confusion prevails.

13 questions that eliminate clutter and create clarity:
  1. How did my life reflect what’s important to me?
  2. What distracted me from things that matter most?
  3. What did I try to accomplish today?
  4. What actually got accomplished?
  5. What am I proud of?
  6. What did I learn about myself and others?
  7. How did I bring out the best in others?
  8. Who did I affirm, reward, honor, or recognize?
  9. What did I do to sabotage my fulfillment, progress, or success?
  10. What will I NOT do tomorrow?
  11. What behavior would I like to see more of, in myself?
  12. What will I let go?
  13. How will I start fresh with people and projects, tomorrow?

Celebrate New Year’s everyday – reflect, release, and start again. Processing your day, everyday.

Uncluttered leaders enjoy clarity, energy, optimism, and progress.