Changes Coming for Perspective on Athletics


Happy Memorial Day Weekend to everyone!

I wanted to let you know that Perspective on Athletics will be moving into a brief “hibernation” mode during the month of June. We are going to merge Perspective on Athletics with our sister site,, and need time to make that happen.

ATHLEDIFY provides and produces rich and relevant professional development content for the intercollegiate athletics industry. Similarly, Perspective on Athletics has sought to curate relevant news and professional development content for the intercollegiate athletics industry.

Over time as each site has grown it has become inefficient to operation two separate sites.

The new result will be a completely redesigned website that integrates the purposes of both sites. The “blog” or news section of the new ATHLEDIFY will feature all Perspective on Athletics historical content. A new categorization system will make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Further, we will be adding additional news feeds to bring you more information.

The weekly Perspective on Athletics Digest will continue as well (although not during our “hibernation” period).

The Perspective on Athletics podcast will also continue and live on the new ATHLEDIFY.

We appreciate your readership and following of Perspective on Athletics. Access to our blog content will remain free. It is supported through the advertising you see on pages. The new ATHLEDIFY will incorporate visible advertising only to non-members.

If you have not visited, I urge you to do so. While the site will be changing visually when we relaunch, the content will remain. There are also many updates and enhancements to ATHLEDIFY and our memberships as well, including:

  • More live webinars with streamlined registration and access
  • More focused content (particularly for smaller colleges)
  • A new document library of samples, templates and starter kits
  • And more…

More information will be coming soon related to our transition. And during our “hibernation” period, this Perspective on Athletics website will remain up and active until we launch the new site. Please contact me with any questions, suggestions or concerns you may have.

Best wishes,



Mark Majeski


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