How To Invite and Survive Feedback From A Group

By Dan Rockwell | Leadership Freak | August 23, 2014


Life is simpler without others in it. But, everything that matters includes people.

The more you work to control people the more troubling they become.

Leaders fear feedback because they can’t control it.

7 negative responses to negative feedback:

  1. You don’t understand how hard I’m working.
  2. You have your own issues! (A personal favorite.)
  3. You don’t really know me.
  4. Why is your opinion more valuable than mine?
  5. You don’t get it.
  6. You might be right but it’s not important.
  7. I have more expertise than you so where do you get off telling me how to improve.

If you like all the feedback you get, you aren’t getting good feedback.

3 roots of resistance:

  1. They don’t care enough. “You don’t really care about me.”
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