NCAA Must Ferret Out Academic Fraud to Maintain Trust With Public

By Brad Wolverton | Chronicle of Higher Ed


Michael F. Adams, a longtime NCAA leader, spoke with The Chronicle about the need for tougher admissions requirements for elite athletes and for strong deterrents to cheating to ensure the legitimacy of big-time college sports.

“The message has to be sent … that the cost of cheating in the NCAA is not worth it,” said Mr. Adams, the chancellor of Pepperdine University and a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division I Committee on Infractions. But until coaches internalize that message, he said, colleges may see more cases of academic fraud.

In a wide-ranging conversation, Mr. Adams, a former president of the University of Georgia, addressed the increasing prevalence of academic misconduct, how the NCAA could improve its effectiveness as an organization, and the use of athlete boycotts as a mechanism for effecting change.