In this episode Mark Sims talks about the founding of Student-Athlete Career Fuel, inspired by his own experiences as a collegiate soccer player and his 20+ years in the technology industry. 

About Student Athlete Career Fuel

Before Mark and his business partners sold their consulting firm, MarketSphere Consulting, to Grant Thornton, Mark ascended through ranks of DST Systems, Ernst & Young, Sprint, and Oracle Corporation.

Having been a small college athlete himself, Mark understands how education coupled with commitment and work ethic learned at practice and during games have made it possible for him to succeed in his career. This understanding evolved as Mark advanced in his career. Mark began to realize commitment and work ethic, while important, where just surface elements of what he learned. It wasn’t until Mark took on executive roles that he fully understood the nearly exact overlap between the expectations of a Student Athlete with the responsibilities of an executive.

It has been Mark’s passion to develop his staff with the mindset of a college Student Athlete. As he started to bring campus hires into his organizations, he took on the mentorship of college Student Athletes developing them beyond the cliché associated with commitment and work ethic, providing the Student Athlete with an absolute career advantage. That is what built Student Athlete Career Fuel into the program it is today.

It is Mark’s passionate mission to create as many successful career professionals as possible.




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