[Replay] Quantifying Coaches’ Activities: A Guide for Part-Time Compensation

Hosted by Mark Majeski | Majeski Athletic Consulting


This live web event replay will enable you to have informed conversations about what part-time staff should be expected to do and what they should get paid.

During this replay of our live web event, you will:
  • Learn how to accurately quantify coaches’ activities. Using our comprehensive, yet easy-to-use worksheet, you will be able to understand just how much time coaches spend on various responsibilities. Plus, you’ll see if what you currently pay them is an accurate reflection of their time spent and the position’s designated FTE.
  • Learn how to use this data to leverage more resources. Campus administrators often have no idea of the hours coaches spend doing their jobs. This tool willhelp you articulate the multi-faceted roles coaches play serving student-athletes and your institution. From on-field coaching to recruiting to fundraising and student-athlete mentoring, this tool will help you identify priorities and the impact areas coaches provide to your student-athletes.
  • Get this amazing tool, completely unlocked and customizable for your own needs… at no cost! This is a work in progress. Your feedback will help improve future versions of this tool.

To view the replay of this free, 30-minute web event, and to download the worksheet tool, go here.

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