This time of year is a great one, especially for the college basketball scene. We get to watch the Power 5 conference programs constantly since October, but only now will some of the smaller programs grab a piece of the news cycle. Normally, it has something to do with on-court performance, but not always.

Enter assistant coach Stephen Garnett from Whitman College.

A huge part of being successful as a coach is really getting to know your players and creating a deep bond. Everyone has their own methods of doing so, and it appears that Garnett has gone the handshake route. As FOX Sports shows, he’s got a handshake with every single player on his squad:

Gotta love them throwing in a couple dabs that were likely inspired by Cam Newton (but we won’t talk about that since Whitman College is located in Washington, A.K.A. Seahawks country). These are all quality handshakes, but the first two are the ones that take the cake.

Honestly, how can you beat eating a little cereal and then nailing a pump-fake J in the eye of your imaginary opponent? Don’t try looking for the answer because you won’t find it. And it’s OK. My question for coach would be: when does he introduce this as something and he and his players must do on gameday?

It would make one helluva recruiting tool.

Imagine sitting with your parents in your living room with the coaching staff — including Garnett — and after a lively, yet serious conversation, he changes gears and tells you to think about what your special handshake would be if you committed to the program. Then, you’d practice it with him on a future recruiting trip to campus and then bam, next thing you know, you’re one of the Missionaries (their school nickname).

Any athlete can tell you that personal handshakes are special and not taken lightly. It’s good to see that at least one coach is using it as a way to connect with his team.