Air Force Academy to Examine Conduct of Student-Athletes

By EMMARIE HUETTEMAN | New York Times | August 3, 2014


WASHINGTON — The superintendent of the Air Force Academy has begun an investigation into allegations of sexual assault and other misconduct among its cadet athletes, academy officials said Sunday.

The superintendent, Lt. Gen. Michelle D. Johnson, said she has called on the academy’s inspector general to examine the athletic department after reports of sexual assault, drug use, cheating and other violations of the academy’s honor code.

“This past behavior was troubling and suggested certain subcultures that were inconsistent with the culture of commitment and climate of respect we work hard to uphold,” she said in a statement.

Central to the allegations of misconduct — first reported Sunday by The Gazette, a newspaper in Colorado Springs, where the academy is located — was a party in December 2011 where athletes reportedly used synthetic marijuana and had nonconsensual sex with women who had been given a “date-rape” drug.

Six others resigned, and three were dismissed for unrelated violations, the newspaper said.

The academy also faces accusations of offering special academic treatment for star athletes.

General Johnson outlined the steps she had taken in the year since she became superintendent. She said she had met with athletic department officials, who had sponsored a seminar on preventing sexual assaults and taken other measures to ensure cadet athletes were meeting the academy’s standards.

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