Charleston Coach Accused of Abuse

College of Charleston coach Doug Wojcik hammered in report, accused of verbal abuse and physical threats


The College of Charleston’s investigation of embattled head basketball coach Doug Wojcik exposed dozens of examples of him lashing out at players with obscenities, personal attacks and physical threats.  

The 50-page report, obtained Thursday by The Post and Courier, was compiled with input from 12 players, 10 of them anonymous. Wojcik is painted as a “Jekyll and Hyde” character who bullies and demeans players, disparages the value of their education and tells some they’ll never amount to anything in life. [quote_box_right]Download a copy of the full investigation report here.[/quote_box_right]

The probe also contains interviews with nine C of C staff members, including athletic director Joe Hull, who stated that the coach he hired in 2012 “is extremely difficult to manage.”

The investigation was conducted by Charleston attorney Christy Fargnoli and submitted June 26 to Kathryn Bender, senior vice president and general counsel for the college. It includes an interview with Wojcik, in which the 50-year-old U.S. Naval Academy graduate defends himself with evidence of friendly texts and notes from players and their parents.

“Coach Wojcik cannot survive this,” a College of Charleston player’s father said Thursday.

Marlene Navor, director of athletics communications at the College of Charleston, said in the report that Wojcik treats others with a “bully mentality.”

The report contains repeated instances of Wojcik’s temper and outbursts towards players and athletic staff members.

Trevonte Dixon, a player who left the program, missed a shot during an exhibition trip to Canada. “Wojcik grabbed Trevonte’s jersey with Wojcik’s fist under Trevonte’s chin,” a player said.

Wojcik at a practice told walk-on guard Chad Cooke, “I’m gonna rip your (expletive) throat out,” says another player.

To center Glen Pierre: “You’re not tough. Suck it up. I don’t care if (Pierre) … dies.”

In one tirade aimed at Matt Sundberg, Wojcik calls the player a “fag.” In other blasts, Wojcik degrades Sundberg’s girlfriend.

A player says Wojcik asked him about a teammate: “Like Nori Johnson. Would you have recruited him? He’s liar. He’s a thief. You don’t trust him, do you?”

Wojcik has been suspended without pay for the month of August, docked a month’s pay ($33,000) and has agreed to undergo counseling.

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