Division 2 Student-Athletes Continue to Outperform Peers



Division II student-athletes have maintained steady graduation rates, according to the most recent NCAA Academic Success Rate data.

Division II’s ASR is similar to Division I’s Graduation Success Rate in that it includes transfers into a school in the calculation but removes students who left school while academically eligible. Because of the division’s partial scholarship financial aid model, the ASR also includes the more than 36,000 nonscholarship student-athletes who enrolled from 2006 through 2009, the four years covered in the most recent data.

The Division II national four-year average ASR stayed the same at 71 percent, and the single-year ASR for the 2009 cohort remained the same at 72 percent. Four-year ASRs increased for seven men’s sports and 11 women’s sports. An additional eight sports’ rates held steady when compared with the previous rolling four-year period.

“In the past 11 years of ASR data collection, we have seen tremendous growth in the academic success of student-athletes across Division II,” said Terri Steeb Gronau, vice president of Division II. “We are proud that our student-athletes maintain excellent graduation rates while enjoying the balanced athletics experiences that Division II schools provide.”

Even when using the less-inclusive federal rate, Division II student-athletes outperform the general student body. The federal rate for student-athletes entering college in 2009 increased by 1 point to 56 percent, while the federal rate for the overall student body held steady at 49 percent.

The NCAA GSR (Division I) and ASR (Divisions II and III) were formed when presidents and chancellors in all three NCAA divisions called for the Association to develop a measure of graduation success that better reflects transfer patterns and the population of student-athletes in higher education. The GSR and ASR count transfer students, unlike the federal graduation rate, and the ASR includes nonscholarship student-athletes.


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