Think You Know How to Lead? Think Again.

TEDTalk Tuesday


In the professional and private spheres, we are constantly searching for ways to maximize success and happiness. In this talk, Jen Groover challenges the old fear-based leadership styles that hold most people back from actualizing their potential.

She argues that we need to open ourselves up to become leaders who are not only innovative but can also work creatively with others. She believes greater human potential, happiness, fulfillment, and innovation can come from such a societal transformation.

After launching her multi-million dollar brand for the first compartmentalized handbag, the Butler Bag, Jen Groover aims to pursue innovation in every industry from fitness to fashion to technology. She specializes in inspiring people to fulfill their potential through their emotional intelligence.

Jen Groover was named a UN delegate for the first ever Global Entrepreneurs Council’s Global Accelerator. Entrepreneur Magazine dubbed her “Serial Entrepreneur,” and SUCCESS Magazine called her a “Creativity and Innovation Guru.” Her products and brand have been featured in hundreds of media outlets including the O! Oprah Magazine, People, US Weekly, Entrepreneur and more.


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